5 Ways To Earn Bigger Tips – What’s Missing

There’s just one thing missing from this list of “5 Quick Ways to Earning Bigger Tips” that you just finished reading.

5 Quick Ways to earn bigger tips...starting as early as tonight!

5 Quick Ways to earn bigger tips…starting as early as tonight!

The list of ideas and techniques can easily double your tips.

But wait, you say! “These can’t work! These things are too simple!”

True. They are simple.

But they also work. Every single one of them, each in their own way and can put cash in your pocket to varying degrees.

We also hear “I knew that already,” especially with regard to building the check. Yes. Probably.

Knowing to build the check is one thing. Knowing HOW to ethically build the check, beyond simply recommending expensive items, is another.

In case you don’t recall all five, here’s a brief summary of what they are:

  • Share a small “Tidbit” with your guests of something interesting NOT related to you or the food directly. In our testing, this one “kinda silly” little technique resulted in a 57% increase in tips, and has become part of Joan’s regular patter with her guests.
  • Reading your guests is a foundational thing that really lies at the heart of any of the other techniques we’ve shared so far. The ability to do this effectively guides you through almost all of the other techniques, most of which you haven’t seen yet.
  • What Tony Robbins can teach you about earning bigger tips could fill a book all by itself. After all, he’s made hundreds of millions of dollars with these techniques. But you can start with one small, simple technique you can use to help your guests know, like and trust you more.
  • The one word to that increases your Guest Check Average and builds a bigger check is “because”. Your guests are happy to hear your recommendations, but when there is a reason behind your suggestions…which you can introduce with the word “because”…it increases the likelihood of their ordering the app, meal, wine or dessert you recommend.
  • Stories are memorable, influential and profitable. Telling a guest that the steak is “great” can only get you so far. The story behind why it’s so great is memorable, influential, and worth making a regular part of your routine.

Print this list out and keep it as a reminder in your apron or folio.

But What’s Missing?

All of these techniques are simple. And NONE of them work if you don’t do them. Reading them is one thing. Understanding them is another. But the missing piece…the part that makes them actually work…is actually doing them.

Even ONE of them will help.

Increase your tips with these techniques

Our Guarantee

We can guarantee that they will not work if you don’t do them. We can also guarantee that they all can work, to some degree, in many or most situations. But you’ll never know which work best for you, in your diner, family restaurant, steakhouse, bar, club, joint or lounge unless you try them.

Here’s what to do next:

Hopefully you already know what your regular take-home in tips per shift is right now, and you might even know your Guest Check Average (how much each guests spends, on average, per visit). But even if you don’t, you’ve got an idea. Right?

So do this now:

If you haven’t already, then just pick ONE technique and try it for 4 shifts. Pay attention to your Guest Check Average and your Total Tips. And notice how much more you’re going home with each shift.

It won’t be hard to see the difference.

All we ask is that you share your results with us below.

More great info coming about Tripling your Tips is coming your way in the next couple of days. Stay tuned. More money is landing in your pocket soon after.

-Mark and Joan

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