Does a Higher Minimum Wage for Waiters and Waitresses Mean More Money For You?

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There has been a lot of discussion recently about increasing the minimum wage in cities, counties and states all over the country. But does a higher minimum wage for waiters and waitresses mean more take home page for you? If you live in a city or state with a rising minimum wage, then you might already know the answer. And regardless of the answer for “most people,” do you really need to let that answer control your own income?

In Colorado, the Denver Business Journal wrote an article about the effect of Colorado’s Amendment 70 is having on restaurants there. In a nutshell, it says that restaurant owners are “getting creative” about how to deal with this new increase in the minimum wage as it relates to waiters and waitresses.

This isn’t a political discussion, but an economic one.

Every business owner is entitled to run their own business in the most profitable way possible. In fact, if the owner doesn’t make a profit, the restaurant doesn’t stay in business. And if the restaurant isn’t in business, even more people are put out of work. Capitalism is, after all, driven by the profit motive. We all have aspirations to live the American Dream (House, car, 2.3 kids, etc) so why not them?

And why not you?

The Effect of Higher Minimum Wage On Waiters and Waitresses

So when a law requires that the restaurant pay you more, it might sound like a good thing. Except that the restaurant owners or management are now going to have to find a way to increase their profit in some other ways. They can do that by raising prices, but that might result in fewer diners or more people ordering the cheaper dishes. (After all, the diners have a right to spend their money however they choose, too.)

Or the restaurant might choose to cut expenses. And how might they do that? Well, they could cut your hours. Or they could hire fewer servers per shift. Or they could cut the bussers and staff one less chef or cook in the kitchen.

All of this means more work, more stress and less net cash for you.

So you’re big 12% raise might result in a 20% drop in your actual take home pay.

And that’s not good for you at all.

Our mission is pretty simple: There are far too many pressures on the food service industry, and almost all of them result in YOU being paid less. It doesn’t have to be this way. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be showing you how to double, triple and even 5x your tips and take home pay. And not one of them have anything to do with a higher minimum wage for waiters and waitresses, or any other government regulation.

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