Waiter Rant, Steve Dublanica, on the Today Show

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Waiter Rant author Steve Dublanica on the Today Show

If you are a server and haven’t read Waiter Rant yet, what are you waiting for? It’s a fascinating read for servers like us, and a great story, too. The author, Steve Dublanica, who used to write anonymously as “The Waiter” at WaiterRant.com, tells his stories about the highs and lows of serving.

This past week, Steve was on the Today Show, explaining to diners how to have a great experience when eating out.  I  love how he brought up a few of the “pains” we deal with daily on our shifts.  In his experience, guests should know the following three points.

1)  When to come in to restaurant and most importantly know when NOT to come in (just before close, our favorite guests!)

2)  That a restaurant is a business and guests that stay at tables longer than average cost us money, the restaurant money, and on busy nights it costs another reservation from being seated on time.

3)  To treat the wait staff like they would want to be treated.

Steve told the story of his favorite “jab” at rude guests is to tell them their credit card was declined.  The hosts of the segment brought up something that is often in the back of our guests minds…did the server spit in my food.  As we know, the vast majority of servers don’t “do” anything to rude guests food/drinks, but I’m guessing all of us do have our ways of dealing with them.

How do you handle rude guests?  Leave a comment with your best (or most awesome) story!!

Watch the video here: Waiter Rant on the Today Show